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Like putting on a favorite pair of sweatpants and curling up on the couch with a good book, there is something overwhelmingly comforting about coming to your website and having it look exactly as it should. Many many many many thanks to Joseph for returning things back to normal. I even got a MT upgrade in the process! Lost the old comments unfortunately, but they’re still around at least. Which means that in my obsessive-compulsive way, it’s highly likely that I will go back and enter them all in. Cause I’m like that.

I even have my laptop back now too, minus all the data. I will say three things –
1) Never buy a Toshiba laptop, no matter how badly you need a computer right then.
2)Never buy a computer from Best Buy. (Well, you can buy one there, but don’t expect decent service afterwards).
3) Back-up all data early and often.

Clearly, I did none of these. So while I was happy to have my laptop home from its second trip off to the repair depot this year, I was more than a little ticked that the data backup I had requested apparently was just never done. Gone is my Tracker database. Gone are many important e-mails. Gone is my entire Mp3 collection. Things like checking register and class notes from previous semesters – eh. While they’ll be missed, I can live without them. Pictures though – I had tons of them. Pictures of pets that went with the ex, friends and family, hell, I had an entire subfolder called “Chrushes” that contained Phil pics plus the pic of me and Wil. All gone. My frequent flyer numbers, important passwords – poof. What really scared me though was that I actually remembered my Neteller secure ID. (You know you have a gambling problem when…)

There are some plusses though – for one, the computer sure does run better with a new hard drive (and it damn well better). Second, I can now set up Tracker as it should be – multiple databases and all that. (Thankfully I had the guide printed out and spiral bound long ago, otherwise that would be lost too). And of course, I’m lucky that I even have my computer still, regardless of what might have been lost from it.

So now I have two of my favorite things back, and I’m very happy about it. Have I mentioned how much Joseph rocks? I don’t know how you blogger people do it – I missed my MT. Now I just have to get back in the habit of putting something worthwhile up on it. šŸ™‚

Have a good weekend everybody – good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes you happy. (Bonus points if you can identify where that line comes from).