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Pauly occasionally shares tidbits from his referrer logs. Pokerati listed their whole damn thing recently. I find ’em interesting, if only because they calm my worries that I’m not the only one with such twisted logs. (Naked Smurfette? Come on!) Mine are…disturbing, to say the least.

Aside from the searches on my screename (hmmm….), I get such lovely things as –

little sister i want to fuck (ewww)
horse fucking girls (this one is new – and shows up twice!)

And Sir wonders why I get more hits than he does. 😉

My friend Jennifer and I discovered those Sunday night while we were waiting for Jason and Jonathan to finish what has become a weekly home game. I was a little…curious how someone would arrive at my site with that last phrase. Jonathan asked “Do you use the word fuck a lot?” I gave him the look – “Please.” I just don’t recall ever having used the word horse… OH! Way to go internets. Soil a perfectly nice tournment experience.

Recent searches include –

poker tracker auto rate rules no limit shorthanded (ummm…I can’t really help you there, but how about you buy this book?)
what does sng mean in poker (someone come up with a smartass alt answer for that – my brain is fried at the moment, I can’t do it)

Oh, and for those 2 of you who came here searching for Tao of Pauly, it’s here. He can probably help you with your search for shocking videos too. But not naked cartoon characters. That’s just fucked up.