So, what’s the story on the name?

A long time ago, way back before Twitter or Facebook, back before you had even heard of the WSOP; but when we had super awesome fun things like online poker; I started a blog. At the time, the whole point was to just chronicle my life as a 20-something married with a stepkid, having just left the corporate job I’d held for 6 years and where all my friends were, to go back to school and hang out with 19-year-olds who were way better at math than me. It was a way for me to replace the mega chain emails we used to trade in my office, and easily fill in my cohorts on what I was doing. At the time, I wasn’t playing poker. But soon after I was, and soon after that it was all I was doing.

Despite my new obsession, I refused to sucumb to the role of “poker blogger”. Oh sure, they were the crowd I hung out with online every night; and they were the ones I read and who read me, but noooo my blog was about MORE than poker! So when I revamped the blog with a swank new design (something that happened on average, every 3 months) I christened it “This Is Not A Poker Blog”. My poker blogger friends thought it was genius; since I was so obviously a poker blogger but deep down we all knew that poker blogs were ghey and therefore had to hide our secret shame to the world at large.

We spent a lot of nights in Yahoo chat rooms back in those days, and at the time there was myself and another April in the group. It could get confusing. One night, Bob mashed my blog name with the real name and christened me “thisisnotapril”. It kinda stuck.


So What Happened to This Is Not A Poker Blog?

You’re reading it! Kinda. All the old content was imported into this site – everything you see here prior to May 2012 was originally published on This Is Not A Poker Blog. You’ll note that at the start, not so much poker…. then A LOT of poker… then less poker…. then less posting. It’s that damn Twitter.


Can I pay you to put an ad up for me?

Probably not. At the peak of the poker days, ads on TINAPB took very good care of me, but it was a chore keeping up with them and after a while started to ruin the layout. I like the freedom of not being locked in to a 3-column theme so I can get all the ads in. But if you still want to talk, ok. You can email me at gmail.com*




*Yes, that’s totally a test.