A little chilly

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Not much to report poker-wise this weekend…cards have been running cold (damn them) and I continue to find the adjustment to .25/.50…less than profitable. Oddly enough, I find more “Party”-like players at this level than I did at .10/.25 – for instance, tonight I get jacks in the BB, raise to $2.50, get 2 callers…ok…flop comes 3 K 7, all clubs…trouble, I’ve got diamonds and spades for my Jacks. I bet out $4, get a folder and a caller…turn comes Qd. At this point, I don’t have him on the flush, I’m only thinking he “might” have paired his King, but I’m not sure…and he’s the short stack…I’ve got the money, he doesn’t…so let’s see how much he likes whatever hand he’s got. I bet $16 to put him all in…and he calls. River comes King of diamonds. And he has? Pocket 3s, giving him the boat on the river. Eck…I guess what I object to is the whole 3s being worth a $2 raise in the first place. Perhaps he had a sixth sense that he was going to make his set…and the flop full of clubs and the large bets after the fact were not just a wee bit scary? No? Ok. My fault for not betting the pot on the flop I suppose.

Spent Friday night here at home cooking Christmas dinner for about 12 of my closest friends. Party started at 6, which means at 4, I was hitting the grocery store for dinner fixings. 🙂 (As my best friend Nancy said “It just wouldn’t be a party of yours if it was any other way”). And to continue with that theme, everyone was late, so things didn’t really get started till 7, and dinner wasn’t served till about 9. It took me hours, and reminded me, as I say every year, why I don’t cook Christmas dinner. But of course, after dinner, there was poker. I was “partners” with my friend Joel, which really meant we would consult on our hole cards, agree that they were crap, however, Joel would want to see the flop on just about every hand anyway. Normally this goes against my tight-agressive playing strategy (oh screw you PokerTracker! Question mark my ass!) but I’ll go along with anything a man wants when he’s let me drive his brand new Jaguar around the neighborhood. Only real notable hand was when we had pocket 3s, raised it up, then the flop came 10-10-10 (yes Virgina, those things really DO happen in real live poker) and then went all in. Had two callers – my husband (bluffer, but I was a little worried he had the 4th 10) and my stepson, on the advice of my friend Bill. Stepson had KQ. Well guess what the river brought?? Damn Kings… Nothing like having a 12 year old suck out on you and then think he’s just a world-class poker player. Fortunately he couldn’t cover our all-in so Joel and I still had chips left. No one has the stamina to play a full game, so these usually end up in everyone deciding to go all in on the final hand and then whoever wins, wins. I believe Bill took that one. [Oh, and yes, I’m aware of the contradiction between this paragraph and the first one re: 3s. However, the difference is, no money was actually involved in the home game, and raises get little to no respect with this bunch anyway. We threw out green $25 chips, only because Joel favored the green ones, so people knew if we were parting with those, we must be serious.]

Then Saturday found us taking the trek to my annual family Christmas. This is always a blast. Last night we found ourselves outside in 40 degree temps with a fire in a metal bucket, music playing from my cousin’s truck, and (of course) playing poker. Again, I love them, but no stamina. I was the lucky winner of the “all-in” last hand finale with a full house, jacks full of nines. I think my cousins think it’s funny that their baby cousin is now so consumed with this game. At one point I asked my husband to get the chips for me. He came back with a bag of chips. I looked at him like he was from Mars. (Hello? This is me asking for chips. I meant the poker chips. Is there any other kind?) My cousin Scott has recently become engaged and his fiance Jennifer asked multiple times if we would be attending the wedding in Alabama next May. (Yes dear, and I’ll be driving, and hitting every casino with a poker room along the way). Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, which is surprising given the amount of Everclear and other liquors in my system. Made the annual “no, we’re not hung-over” breakfast before leaving town this morning, arrived home around 2, caught a little bit of the Texans game on the radio (good job boys!!), got some sleep in my own bed, and then hit UB.

And now, back to it…