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Big Slick’d it Friday night (well…I drove) to see the parents. I really wish I could blog with my mind…am I the only one who feels that way? You know, you have hours to yourself, you’re doing nothing but thinking (okay…occasionally singing along to the radio) and it would be great to just be able to have your stream of consciousness directly pour out onto the web. Although I guess maintaining the internet connection the entire time would be difficult… I did know a girl in my math class last semester who, like me, had a class where the lectures were videotaped and put online, so, like me, she rarely went to class (really – what was our motavation???). She would catch up on them as she drove to Texarkana, so I guess she found a way to keep the internet connection going…hopping from wireless network to network I suppose. Anywho…point of all this is, I had awesome stuff to say last night – poof – gone now. My memory sucks. (And what an excellent trait for a poker player that is, huh?)

Played some poker with the parents tonight. My father got a TV Hold ‘Em game for Christmas and wanted to try it out. My mother had little to no idea how to play, but was up for it. She’s actually pretty good, if she didn’t hit the flop, she knew enough to get out. My father on the other hand is a major bluffer, raising with crap like 10-5 and then betting it all the way to the river. We played three tournaments, and he busted out early on in the first 2, and then won the last one, although that was with my mother’s chips…

The TV Poker game wasn’t so bad, but it was weird, because it claimed to be NL, but really, it was more like limit, because you couldn’t control how much you were betting or raising, etc. The only NL-like aspect was, of course, the all-in feature.

At one point my mother won a hand with The Hammer. The conversation then went something like this…
Me: “That’s the worst hand in poker Mom.”
Mom: “Really?”
Me: “Unless of course you’re a poker blogger. Then it’s the best.”
Mom: “A what?”
Me: “A poker blogger. For instance, I would have gone all-in with that…”
Mom: “Jesus April, I worry about you…”

Yes Mom, yes…

Last night was fairly profitable, I doubled my buyin within about 45 minutes, then the table got shorthanded and all the fish left (can’t handle it, can they??). This left me and one guy to play heads-up. Since I loooovvveee heads-up play, this was no problem. The chips were going my way for the most part, but then a third guy showed up, and I was getting tired, so I decided to take a little break and move upstairs to my room. At this point, the laptop decides to die. Just up and freakin die. It’s been doing this a lot lately, I’ve been assuming it’s due to overheating, but there was no reason for such behavior last night!! Bad laptop, bad! Surely it understands the importance of being at the tables when they’re like that?!?!? Yea…apparently not. It’s behaved itself thus far today though. It will still go to the “shop”…and I can just imagine the comments from the techs – “Play poker much?”. “Yea…just a little”.

Oh, and, mentor found. 🙂