7 Things, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

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And now, because I got tagged by my own co-blogger (yeah, yeah, i’ll blog, geeze…), here’s 7 Things You Might Not Know about the PokerGeek:

1. I have seriously debated moving out of the country three times. Twice, I had said yes before changing my mind and had to cancel on the cheapest furniture mover I ever found… I’ve had opportunities to move in with friends and work on film projects and experience life outside the USA (once in the UK, once in Australia), and then I said yes and later decided instead to say no to moving to Ireland with the rest of the bulk of Murderer’s Row. The first two times, there were no guarantees on finding a job and having it legally (“Just tend bar for cash” is not a very secure plan), and the third time, there were many reasons, but the biggest was not getting too far away from my own goals.

2. Despite never playing any kind of serious stakes, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down at the same live table with a lot of well known pros, including: John Hennigan, Paul Phillips, Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, Rafe Furst, and Andy Bloch. In only one occasion have I emerged the victor, and that was playing Rafe heads up at the end of a tournament and winning. He disavowes any knowledge of said beatdown, but I have witnesses, no matter how much he protests. I played Andy heads up at my bachelor party, he won on a suckout. I have won exactly *zero* hands against the rest. I came over the top of Howard in a hand with KK while he was holding Jacks, but he laid it down after the player UTG called my re-raise quickly. Yeah, he had Aces. I’ve played online with a lot of other pros like Harman, Cunningham, Juanda, Ferguson, et al, but with Full Tilt prodding them to play lower limits, this is nothing impressive or worth going into depth about (especially considering I blogged it extensively and this list is not “7 Things You Already Know and Wish I’d Stop Talking About”.

3. Like my roommate Fig, I have a tendency to collect skills which are completely useless. These include: Beating Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on Expert, reciting skits from the Dr. Demento show from memory, knowing how to say “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” in Russian, stacking creamer cups 11-high at Perkins, and making cards explode out of a deck one at a time, though I can’t do any other serious card tricks that would warrant the knowledge of such a move.

4. I’ve dropped out of school three times. Once to pursue filmmaking, once to transfer to a trade school, and once when the trade school decided I didn’t pass the final class and I was already packed and ready for LA, and I wasn’t about to stick around and retake the class. I still believe 100% all three of these decisions were the right move.

5. While I am positive that my negative results at Murderer’s Row were a result of being one of the poorer players in the game, I am also positive that everyone collectively had a tell on me that has not been divulged as yet to this day. Henry has mentioned it without telling me what it was, and now that we don’t play regularly I’m kindly asking that someone cough it up. 🙂

6. I have never broken a bone in my body. I once almost cracked my sternum in an accident on a scooter when my friend decided to play a prank and move the brick propping up the ramp to the center, turning it into a seesaw on which my rear wheel caught and flung me against the handlebars at high speed.

7. While I had limited success at Murderer’s Row, and do not think myself a donkey, I have never cashed in a single Blogger tournament, live or online.

I’m supposed to tag people. Here goes:

Henry (come out of Retirement!)
Terrence Chan (Yeah, it’s a reach, but i’ll try)