5 More Minutes, Mom

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Today is my offical last day of summer. I really don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I didn’t get any of the classes I wanted – no game theory, no Dante, no Dostoevsky. I held out as long as could, but the bastards wouldn’t give me my student loan money until I was registered for 12 hours. The nerve! Unable to find any course even remotely interesting (and open) I signed up for another government class that a friend of mine was registered for. I noticed that it doesn’t meet on Fridays (good pick Miguel!) and therefore I will always have a 3-day weekend. Requirement met; cash hits the bank on the 1st. Which means the rent can be paid, which is always good. However, the fact that I am 28 years old and in debt for 30K+ is a little depressing.

Which sort of ties in to my current dilema. I have two years left before I get my degree. What I’ll do with it I have no idea. I actually think I’d like to switch majors, but UT doesn’t offer a program in what I’m considering. Only one state school offers the program, however the ideal program is offered at a University out of state. Do you know how much out-of-state tuition costs? About 4 times in-state. Plus, there’s the fact that I’d be switching gears when I’m so close to a degree already. So I’m not sure what to do – stick it out and take the government degree or change direction mid-stream. And if I change, do I stay in state (which would mean moving back to Houston and likely living with my parents, which, while cost-effective, means I may be insane or in prision shortly thereafter) or bite the bullet, dig myself further in debt, and head out-of-state? Wanna give me an opinion? Go for it. Normally when I’ve got a big decision to make, I’m pretty much leaning in one direction already. This time I’m not, other than the complete lack of enthusiasm about the upcoming semester.

I have decided to do one thing – although it would be easier to just give DoubleAs my UB password and let him win a trip for me, there’s that whole “satisfaction of a job well done” thing. I’ve decided to give Aruba a shot; decided even before the “friendly reminder” I got from Double last night. I think I’m pretty much dead money, but that’s allright. Cost of experience, yadda yadda. I plan to set an bankroll for the tourneys and when it’s gone, it’s gone. One thing I don’t really like about these type of tourneys is that for the most part, only first place pays. And yes, I know, we always play to win, but still – having that “x other places pay out” cushion is always nice.

So, wish me luck. I admit I’d love nothing more than to have to announce to my professors that I’ll be missing a few days of class to head to Aruba for a WPT event. That’ll go great with my “Can I take my final exam early so I can go to Vegas?” request.