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I started this blog nearly three years ago, and at the time I was heavy into web design and programming – happily spending entire weekends in front of the computer working towards the perfect look and feel for my jewelry website. It was only natural that I would expect the same power and flexibility from my blogging platform. No way was I going to be content with a free service that limited my options. I needed to express myself! With color! And… stuff!

I selected MovableType for the blog backbone, because all the blogs I admired were using it, and decided I wanted a simple, clean, 3-column design. I got it – all white and muted blue… very peaceful to look at. I liked it, but I tend to get bored easy, so it wasn’t too long before I scraped it in favor of a deep red and gray combo that you either loved or hated. I loved it, and it lasted about a year before I got bored of that too and late one night decided that I needed to go back to a white background with simple but bright colors. That’s the design you’ve seen here for many months, until now.

For a variety of reasons I’d been wanting to switch from MovableType to WordPress, the main one being that while MT is by far the most powerful blogging software available today, it’s also the biggest bitch to work with. Part of it was my lack of free time and loss of mad skillz, as the computing world had steadily marched on while I was busy with other things; the remainder was largely due to what multiple very talented programmers referred to as “the ugliest code I’ve ever seen”. During the WSOP Dan showed me the Pokerati WordPress Dashboard and introduced me to the concept of widgets. You mean… I can just create a block of text and then just drag it around as my little heart desires? Sold.

In recent months I’ve radically changed my opinions on blogging and the blog itself. Contrary to my initial perceptions, it’s not the design that brings people back. Most of you are reading this through Bloglines or GoogleReader anyway – it’s the words and the people that write them that make you add the feed, not pretty colors. There is a lot to be said for having a super duper nice layout, but there is a lot more to be said for having a life that doesn’t revolve around it. It’s no longer important to be unique. It’s important to have a site that works. I’m done fighting with it. Maybe some day down the road I’ll decide to take up a new hobby and pick CSS, but for now I’m happy to showcase the programming skills of others. I like the new layout… it’s clean and simple and inadvertently Mets-ish. And the beauty of WordPress is I can change the look with just the flick of a button. Cause you know how I get bored…

A huge, gigantic, bigger-than-Texas thank you goes to the PokerProf, who tackled those “little” back-end issues as a graduation present to me, though of course they ended up being much more than little. Without his help the site would still be trapped in limbo. He’s a good friend and I’m lucky to count him as one of mine.