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I’m not sure if it’s bad luck or running with a bad crowd that brought on my losses yesterday. Granted, I wasn’t getting great cards all that often (although, as the new poker expert told me last night “It’s not the cards really, it’s how you play them.”) but still…damn. I managed to drop $25 at Party (guess which table?) and another $25 at UB (again…a pseudo-blogger table, as there are less of us there, but damn if we don’t give it a go).

It was just…awful. My big hit at UB came with the classic KK vs AA. And really, I have got to be better about laying that one down. Really, there is only one hand that someone can have that they would so easily and fearlessly re-raise you with pre-flop…so when that happens…that’s a tell. (Or they could be bluffing…and it’s that fear that someone is bluffing you that makes it so hard to drop those big pockets – because who the hell does this punk think he is?). At Party…well, we all know what we’re getting into when we sit down there, don’t we? Especially at that table. My Ac9h fell victim to 8s 6s, when it made a nine-high straight. (I know the leak in my game…) I had sets meeting up with full houses, two pairs off the flop meeting up with the “other” two pairs on the flop…ug. Just one of those nights. I’ve often wondered if I get these nights as punishment for being behind in school, laundry, or what. (PokerGods – “Haven’t read lately? No cards for you!”)

However I did fully participate in celebrating St. Grubby’s Day and had a fun and profitable time doing so. Saw it a total of four times in UB ring games and won every time with it. However I think the people at UB will now avoid myself and BSN because they believe we worship some weird sort of cult…

So that’s pretty much that. This was a much more witty entry when I wrote it in my head at 3am this morning, I promise.